by Kirkwood

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released November 6, 2012

Percussion: Kyle Rees
BGVs and Additional Guitars: Pat Drumm

Recorded and Mixed by Pat Drumm
Additional Mastering by Jeff Garrison

© 2012 Kirkwood Bullis


all rights reserved



Kirkwood Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: Dust
We're all just dust
It's been passed down

He bruised Your heel
When you crushed his head
And he struck You down
But You can't stay dead

We all know this
He's afraid of that
Whether You're coming 'round
Or You're coming back

Man of the earth
Gave birth to death
Forced us to wait
For the Second Man

Sown in disgrace
Since the dawn of time
Forced us to wait
For Heaven's Light

Child of the King
From dust you came
To dust you will return
There will be no escape
Where His wrath remains
Of that you can be sure

You're only a vapor
The dust of the earth
A wretch you were born
Devoid of all worth

This Lineage of Dust
Born up from the ground
It's saved by the Son
Raised up to power

Received the wound
When you came out the womb
Born again to Grace
Saved you from your doom

We see the fear
In our accuser's eyes
He know where we been
He know we follow the Christ
Track Name: Forgiveness
I'd always lift my eyes just the same as you
I'd come home feeling dead
I'd avoid your gaze didn't feel the pain
As you cut off my head

Always had the same ideas
'Bout who the other one should be
Just never had those same ideas on history

Took me three long years to undo what I'd done
'Till I asked myself for forgiveness
In three long years I realized what I'd become
And I was good and merciful
Told you how to cleanse yourself
And run the race in front of you
I wrote it down
Took me three long years

Couldn't figure why I got picked from the rest
I wondered constantly
Why He held me back to sanctify
I see the lost in front of me

Always had the wrong idea
Anticipating holiness
Just never thought I'd live to see my time pass

Every time you passed I could feel it as my guilty soul was bared
Everyone of us turned pale the moment that they were compared
I still believed from the depths of my heart that I was saved
And I looked every one of the host in the eye and I would pray

To be exiled here, to consider what's been done
And to learn to ask for forgiveness
For three long years, my life had not begun
And when I told Him, He was merciful
Told me the truth about myself
And how to live in spite of me
He wrote it down

He said how to live my life in sight of you
And how to live my life in plain full view
And how to live my life
Track Name: Just Begun
It's not your fault that not much has been done
When mentioning who's blamed you're not the one
So give yourself some time to take it in
And love enough to let my work begin

The time that you've spent living's not a waste
But that doesn't mean that you control your days
Your new self was born in just a blink
And he is making space for him to fit

You've just begun you've just begun
Don't discount your youth
You've just begun you've just begun
I'm gonna get you through 'cause we're not done
Lift up your eyes
You've just begun

I'll answer every time you seek me out
But grace is not something you figure out
I know you think you're living high above
Sometimes you're given more than you could want

You've just begun you've just begun
You've taken these lines down
You've just begun you've just begun
But don't trade it for a crown cause you're not done
Lift up your eyes
You've just begun

You've just begun you've just begun
You're doling out your years
You've just begun you've just begun
That's the not way it would appear if you were done
Shake off the dust
You've just begun