by Kirkwood

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released July 2, 2011

All Songs by Kirkwood
Vocals, Guitar - Kirkwood
Additional Guitars - Chris Lucas
Engineer - 潘磊
Studio - 成都享乐文化传播有限公司
Photos - Micah Briggs
Cover - Joel Bullis


all rights reserved



Kirkwood Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: Afraid
I'm locked up tight
I will take it to my grave
I'm given to living
In Mediocrity

I'm stolen by grace
Into slavery
Why my brothers are safe
Is still a mystery

I was afraid
You'd come for me

Look up to the sky
Please don't turn me in
They all know where I've been
And still I'm left behind

They answer who I am
Before the words can leave my mouth
They've already found me out
And still I can't explain

I was afraid
That you'd come for me

You two sisters are
So taken up with me
One I know well
The other left the country

And this won't do
I'm not clean I've got no clothes
And if the tailor doesn't show
Then I won't move

I was afraid
That you'd come for me

You lifted me up onto my knees
Into slavery
Your death I'll keep

This life I'll keep
Track Name: Raise Your Hands
Wood panel on the wall
The city is a youth
Never been full grown, aged to imperfection
Blessed with aristocracy
Impressed with mediocrity

This is a robbery

Darling, just
Raise your hands high
So I can see
Both of them


I lay down my gun
And I holster my weapon
The thrill of the hunt is the mystery I lean upon
We're all pawns, forgot but never gone
Put on your high heels and come along

You saw me near the back
Wondered what is with the mask
I can feel your heart, it's the enemy wants to attack
You're the last, but the first we've ever tracked
So think fast, cause what you have is what we lack

You walked away
Shouting obscenities
I wondered why
I'm still wondering why

You walked away
I was confused as hell
But I'm not going there
What do you want from me
Track Name: All My Steps
I am looking through your eyes
Past the pines and evergreens
To the pearls around your neck

I am looking past our lives
Past the fact that we exist
Tell me what the word should be
When to inhale when to breathe

This is a shadow

Love was all around me
And I'm still confused about it
Cause you're given more than I could ever take
I bathed in tones of day glow
But I'm not scared of it's shadow
'Cause I know this isn't really happening

I'm looking to your eyes
Ever faithful evergreen
I know that I love this face

Bring the forest in the house
Burn our mouths with memories
The steam is rising gracefully
Proclaiming all your love for me

All my steps are magical
I don't have to think I know
We're made for this
To play with our fists
For all my steps
Track Name: Reckless Abandon
You've been putting bells on the dogs
And riding your bike with reckless abandon
Pushing babies round that are sleeping like logs
Where'd you go

Looking down grates and short sheeting beds
Preaching to the choir it was all in their heads

I was king and Dean and Jerry were my secretaries
God, when they were here we knew how to party

Open up you bible on Monday or Tuesday
Clean your house with reckless abandon
Your purple curtains don't obscure the light
Of your day

Walking in a circles seeing nobody else
Maybe back in the day you'd have seen yourself

Blink three times
But the second's the charm
Take it off
You're armed to the teeth
Track Name: Out
Travel to the east
Give yourself at least
3 years
Don't give yourself away
Until your other half

We get along too well
Too many times a week
My arrows and my rays
Can't ever mean a thing
I'm out of line

Maybe when I said
This wasn't for the best
I knew
That I was still afraid
Of every plan you made
Coming true

You're not easy not to like
Why can't we touch just once
That wasn't what I meant
Take off you velvet gloves
Put them out of sight

I sung until
My chords did not speak out
I stood amazed that minds could be right
Made my own will
Ignored their common sense
We'll see if they are right
If I'm suppressing love with life
Till we're out of time

I wrote a song for you
What else can I do
My dear
There's too much on the line
And still so much can interfere
Track Name: Laughing Stock
You put to shame those that would hate me
And we rout those who rise against us
My sword it can never save me
It's not in my bow I trust

You are the King of the high hosts
Your salvation is thusly ordained
It's in You that we have our one boast
We only give thanks to your name

You lead us like sheep to the slaughter
You sold all your people off
Your very own sons and daughters
You've made us a laughing stock

All day my disgrace went before me
Shame covered up my face
But my heart never turned from you glory
Nor my steps departed your way


Rouse yourself do not reject us


Our bellies clinging to the ground


For our souls bow down to dust
Redeem us for the sake of your steadfast love
Track Name: Last Breath
Give me your last breath
I swear that I won't try
Give me your last breath
I swear that I won't try
To take it

And love
Is pulling me away
And love
Isn't meant to be felt from the outside in

Give me your last breath
I swear I won't waste it
Give me your last breath
I swear I won't waste it
I can taste it

And truth
Is bigger than the both of us
And grace
Goes from ash to ash and dust to dust
I thought
Maybe we're some of the lucky ones
But we fell short
And that's what happens when you fall in love

Love was all around when I gave the word
To start the violence
But i don't think you heard
I hope you didn't hear

The writing on the wall that said
Put to death the life in which
You've never breathed before